Individual, Family and Couples Counseling Services

Handinhand Counseling Services is dedicated to promoting Hope, Health and Healing to individuals, families and couples dealing with a range of topics from day to day situational concerns to more pressing mental health issues. We are a practice formed on the heels of “America's Campaign for Mental Health Awareness” and have strived to do our part in encouraging and normalizing the helping relationship within the community.

Individual Counseling

We offer one on one counseling with one of our licensed therapists to individuals presenting with problems such as depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, compassion fatigue and trauma, just to name a few. Sessions typically last from 45-60 minutes. This process involves a thorough assessment of symptoms, identifying goals and intervention. Treatment duration varies depending on the individual’s progress and needs.
During your first session we will review our outpatient contract which details how we provide treatment along with some of the policies and procedures of our office. We ask that you bring your ID card and insurance card (if applicable) so that we can make a copy for your file. Once we complete some of the “house keeping” items when will have you complete some quick assessments. The first session consists of a significant amount of rapport building and information gather. It is not uncommon to be nervous during your first session. We are aware that this may be a new process for you and will go at your pace. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have and it may even be helpful to write your questions down prior to the appointment.

Family Sessions

We offer family counseling for two or more family members to address problems within the family system. Through this process we identify the current structure of the family and the desired structure. We intervene at the identified problem area to assist your family in achieving the desired results. We believe that each member in the family plays an important role and is part of the solution in on way or another and so one of the way we intervene is from a solutions-focused approach. Sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes. Treatment duration varies depending on the family’s needs.
During the first session we will address some of the “housekeeping items” and then begin to work on specific assessment tools proved to be helpful in evaluating your family. There may be sessions where we only meet with certain members of the family if we determine it is necessary. Family sessions can be intense and at time uncomfortable so we are sure to work with you all to create a safe and open environment.


Couples Counseling

We offer couples counseling to help committed couples learn communication skills, manage differences and identify patterns of interaction that keep them stuck. We invite them to experience lasting and satisfying relationships through 45-60 minute sessions with one of our licensed therapists.
We also offer premarital counseling to engaged couples hoping to start their marriage out on the right foot. We assist with communication skills and problem solving techniques while addressing relationship expectations before you say “I do”.

Couples counseling can be a very intense process much so we work with you to create a safe and open environment to explore emotions and develop solutions that help you to achieve your desired results.